Spirit of leadership

Now when Jacob (Israel) learned that there was grain in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why are you staring at one another [in bewilderment and not taking action]?”     Genesis 42:1

An interesting observation from a man that’s used to action, used to taking the situation in hand and working with what was given to him and watching it all turn into a blessing because he had submitted his life to following God.

Yet he had eleven sons that did not seem to get it at all.  How is that possible?

We may very well take for granted the move of the Holy Spirit in our lives and think just through osmosis this transferred to our children.  Purposeful engagement by its very nature does not just happen.  We have to teach our children what it means to follow God and then what does it mean to get engaged, and then begin to watch them lead others because God has blessed them with wisdom to lead and maturity to move forward with specific action.

Maybe Jacob told them the story from Abraham where God shared that the children of Israel would be spending four hundred years in Egypt and they were so fearful they could not pull themselves together to make that decision.  Love how God directed the affair anyway – choice – do what God had planned since the beginning of HIs invitation to make Israel the apple of His eye or die of starvation.  Most choose to live.  The rest of the story is history – history of God’s plan shaping a people and building a nation with an amazing leader to lead them having been anointed by the Spirit of God.

spirit of leadership

The Spirit of Leadership

The Leadership Spirit



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