As for me…

“As for me, I would seek God and inquire of Him,
And I would commit my cause to God”  –  Job 5:8

Where else am I going to turn?

Angels are either God’s messengers or sent from the evil one, guru’s are people just like me, myself – seriously I am the one who needs help, the evil one and all his black magic end up with one agenda – to kill, steal and destroy after pulling us in with deception — there is no one left but God.

Seeking God is not all that hard.  He is most likely already found by you, you just do not notice Him all around you.  Just mentioning His name brings Him right to the doorstep of your soul.

Inquiring of Him is a little harder.  He does want you to ask, seek and knock and then He wants to lead.  Requires a real seeker to pursue and patient while being lead.

Committing your cause to God is the hardest of all. No one really wants to walk around saying look what God did.  Somehow inside of us all is a need to stay in control, be the person that makes things happen.  When most of us get to this point, there is always a moment or two in the journey where we take our cause back and take over from God.  Only then do we remember why we gave it to Him in the first place and give it back.

As for me – my decision, my journey, my faith, my trust, my love, my need – this is where I am now – made my decision to follow God.

as for me


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