The ways of God

“They hate me, they stand aloof from me,
And do not refrain from spitting in my face.
“For God has loosed His bowstring [attacking me] and [He has] afflicted and humbled me;
They have cast off the bridle [of restraint] before me.
“On my right the [rabble] brood rises;
They push my feet away, and they build up their ways of destruction against me [like an advancing army]. – Job 30:10-12

This is what spiritual turmoil boils down to – when God is hidden and when we know that God is not listening to our defense of our innocence.

In the loneliness which is the lot of every true disciple are born that self-knowledge and self-reliance which will fit him in his turn to be a Master. This loneliness is not due to any separative spirit but to the conditions of the Way itself. – Bailey

The silence and seeming hiddenness of God does not denote rejection and displeasure; there is an unrevealed spiritual dimension to life and existence unknown to humanity.

“For all these things My hand has made,
So all these things came into being [by and for Me],” declares the Lord.
“But to this one I will look [graciously],
To him who is humble and contrite in spirit, and who [reverently] trembles at My word and honors My commands. – Isaiah 66:2

It is like saying that God is leading us in darkness and we can no longer see where we are going. The ways of the Almighty are wonderful and powerful but are largely unknown to mere human beings.

the ways of God

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