Spirit-filled life

You shall serve [only] the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and water. I will also remove sickness from among you. No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; [f]I will fulfill the number of your days. – Exodus 23:25-26

The spiritual blessings of the covenant were always open to those who sincerely and earnestly desired to have them.

Some say that God only wants to be the God who heals us spiritually. If God is only talking about spiritual healing why does He mention the word “sickness.

One of the goals in life is to do your best: to make your best effort and to get the best results possible from your endeavors. The truth is that the only way that you can do that is by enlisting God’s help. In other words you must have God’s blessings upon your efforts. You are not just flesh and blood. You are also a spiritual being – in tune with the Spirit of God to be a complete person and to have the best results that you are capable of. That is how life’s lived: you in partnership with God through faith in Christ.

As Paul says in 1 Cor. 10 – the story of the Exodus is an enduring lesson for us as we follow Christ. Canaan represents the spirit-filled life. And just as the Angel of the Lord led them into the Promised Land, so Jesus leads us into the life of the Spirit, walking in the blessings of God’s grace. But the spirit-filled life is not without challenges. Just as the children of Israel had to move in and do battle with the native inhabitants, there are obstacles to our pressing forward and taking possession of all God intends for us – namely, the old inhabitants of our lives – old habits of thinking and living in the world. God has so much for us – but we don’t get it all at once. The Israelites had to grow and take progressive possession of what was theirs, and so do we. Each battle they fought and every new region they took made them stronger and more confident in the Lord’s strength and ability. God wasn’t just giving them more land, He was growing them as a people who could own, enjoy, and use that land. The same is true of our growth in the Spirit-filled life. Every battle we face molds and shapes us into the image of Christ.

spirit-flled life

Spirit-Filled Living



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