Intercessory Prayer

Then the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying,  “Separate yourselves from among this congregation, so that I may consume them immediately.”  But they fell on their faces [before the Lord], and said, “O God, God of the spirits of all flesh! When one man sins, will You be angry with the entire congregation?” – Numbers 16:20-22

The benevolent importunity of their prayer was the more remarkable that the intercession was made for their enemies.

This posture denotes the earnestness of the intercession of these two men, against whom this vast conspiracy was directed. Here is an out-gleaming of that love which shone so gloriously from the cross of Jesus Christ, “Father, forgive them.”

Jude, being inspired by God the Holy Spirit and with great tenderness of heart, warns us that we must constantly beware of false prophets who creep into the church, pretending to be the servants of Christ.

For certain people have crept in unnoticed [just as if they were sneaking in by a side door]. They are ungodly persons whose condemnation was predicted long ago, for they distort the grace of our God into decadence and immoral freedom [viewing it as an opportunity to do whatever they want], and deny and disown our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.  Jude 4


Intercessory Prayer: How Does God Want Us to Pray for Others?

Intercessory Prayer



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