Stirring of the Spirit

So the woman [in due time] gave birth to a son and named him Samson; and the boy grew and the Lord blessed him.  And the Spirit of the Lord began to [g]stir him at times in [h]Mahaneh-dan, between Zorah and Eshtaol. Judges 13:24-25

When we come to Samson, we find a man who is born into a godly family, whose miraculous birth was announced by a two-fold visit by the Angel of the Lord, and in whom the Spirit of God is at work. With such advantages, one can hardly imagine Samson being a failure. We should not think of Samson as a great muscle man. Rather, he seems to have been an ordinary man gifted with extraordinary strength.

He felt the degrading bondage of his countrymen, and a strong desire to do something for their deliverance. These feelings and motions he had from the Divine Spirit.

It is a blessed thing to have the Spirit of the Lord’s stirring in your life. The very word “stir” makes us feel a movement. Maybe a slight one. But still intense enough for us to feel it. You cannot ignore it anyway. It is a slight unrest. It is a kind of push which says, “Its time to start. Its time to move. Its time to get things done.” And it is the Holy Spirit who does that in our life. It’s about the choices we make day in and day out that either deepen our spiritual journey or hijack it.

To some, like Samson, the Holy Spirit gives extraordinary physical strength. To all of us, the Holy Spirit gives spiritual strength. The key difference is this: In the Old Testament the Holy Spirit normally came upon people for specific tasks. In the New Testament and today, the Holy Spirit is given to all God’s people.

Samson was moved at times by the Spirit. It was during those times when he was not moved by the Spirit that he had so much trouble. Though Samson had great ability and was endowed with physical power by the Holy Spirit, he gave in to temptation several times and suffered the consequences.

What on earth are we to make of this man who seems to be a cross between James Bond and the Incredible Hulk? What are we to make of a deliverer of Israel whose only gift from the Holy Spirit appears to have been enormous physical strength, which existed side-by-side with equally enormous character flaws? It is at this point that we would do well to heed the advice of Charles Spurgeon, who reminded his people, “The Old Testament biographies were never written for our imitation, but they’re written for our instruction.”

Have you ever had the Holy Spirit stir you? There have been many times in my life when the Spirit has touched my heart, and the first thing that happens is that we’re convicted of any sin in our lives, and we’re moved towards righteousness. The Spirit then starts to lead us, comfort us, encourage us, teach us and guide our steps towards our destiny.

stirring of the Spirit

Stirring Up The Holy Spirit



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