Oil of His Spirit

David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all of them were embittered, each man for his sons and daughters. But David felt strengthened and encouraged in the Lord his God. – 1 Samuel 30:6

Can you not see its application to yourselves? Are you not saying, “The Lord called me, by His Grace. He brought me out from my love of the world and made me a priest and a king unto Himself—and can He leave me? Is not the oil of His Spirit still upon me? Can He cast me off? He separated me to Himself and gave me to know that my destiny was not like that of the ungodly world, but that He had ordained me and chosen me to be His servant forever—will He leave me to perish? Shall His enemy rejoice over me?” Thus may you encourage yourself in God. – Charles Spurgeon

I dare you to show me a single Christian who is wholly devoted to the Lord, who has an easy, trouble-free life. Show me a Spirit-led, God-filled, anointed servant of the Lord, and I’ll show you one who is chased, chastened, often baffled, and familiar to deep waters and fiery furnaces. – David Wilkerson

Talk about spiritual warfare! This wasn’t just an attack against David. It was an all-out assault against God’s eternal purpose.

God will strengthen the core of you. He will put might in your heart. His peace will keep you when your back is against the wall. His Spirit will comfort you in times of betrayal or loss. His Word will remind you of Who He is and Who you are. In prayer, the Father will speak to You and assure you that everything is going to be okay.

The message today is ATTACK to recover all that the enemy has stolen from us: enthusiasm, faith, hope, joy and others. We can cry for as long as we want. We can say that life is tough. And it is! However, as David and his men did, so we have to make a decision: either we will cry for the losses, hiding probably our frustration by anesthesia, apathy and religious activity or we will deny to compromise, we will ENCOURAGE OURSELVES IN THE LORD and we will stand up to recover everything. It is really a very critical decision, a decision of spiritual life or death. Either we will live as spiritually wounded, or as spiritual heroes.

In order to discern God’s plan and purpose for your life, you need to hone your skill like a connoisseur, to crowd out the world and its ways with His Word and to find Him in the stillness of where He said He would always be ….which is within your very own spirit. Sometimes the one thing God has told you in your life, is the only thing you need to concentrate on and find the power and courage He gives so freely to do it.

If you have asked God to be in control of your life and you have surrendered all that you are and all that you have to the Holy Spirit – if you have focused your faith and trust on Jesus Christ and have asked to have more of Him, if you want more of God’s presence, if you want more of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, then know this. You have given God permission to take you out of your comfort zone.


Are there any scriptures that show the Holy Spirit is symbolized with oil?

You are anointed of God



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