Leading of the Spirit

So it happened after this that David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I go up into one of the cities of Judah?” And the Lord said to him, “Go up.” David asked, “Where shall I go?” And He said, “To Hebron.” – 2 Samuel 2:1

We should seek the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, the leadership of Jesus Christ, and the will of God the Father. The Bible reveals God’s moral character, His nature, and the moral principles to help decide the moral and ethical dilemma’s we face in every day life! We have the Bible! We have the Spirit of God! We have prayer! We have wise counsel from the people of God. We have the Church.

Had the flesh been dominant in David, he would have eagerly jumped to the conclusion that he was fully justified in leaving Ziklag immediately and taking prompt measures to obtain the kingdom. He had paid dearly in the past for taking journeys which the Lord had not ordered, and for residing in places which He had not named for him; and now he desired to move only as God should appoint. Have we yet reached this point in our spiritual experience: have we truly surrendered to the lordship of Christ, so that we have turned over to Him the entire government and disposing of our life?

leading of the spirit


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