Spiritual revelation

Then Absalom and all the men of Israel said, “The advice of Hushai the Archite is better than that of Ahithophel.” For the Lord had ordained to thwart the good advice of Ahithophel, so that the Lord could bring disaster upon Absalom. – 2 Samuel 17:14

Earlier in this chapter Ahithophel referred to David as king when he was giving advice to Absolom – interestingly the set up by the Holy Spirit began there and ended here. Although this may be shorthand, and this may be how David is spoken of, it is more evidence by God the Holy Spirit that David remains the true king of Israel. This may be a slip of the tongue by which Ahithophel essentially is telling Absalom, “I don’t really recognize you as king of Israel.”

Only in hope can the Spirit reveal to us those things that we cannot even think or imagine.

Many theologians treat this whole event as a form of prophetic occurrence (typology), where one historical event actually serves as precursor to a greater event, often involving the life of Christ or His Church. While I’m not sure I agree with treating this narrative typologically, I’ll present the bare bones of this assessment: Under this understanding, David (type) anticipated Jesus (antitype), his greatest Son and his true Lord. Ahithophel (type) was thus a foreshadowing of the great betrayer, Judas Iscariot (antitype). Note that like Judas, Ahithophel, after he “set his house in order,” went and “hanged himself, and he died. (17:23)” – Wayne Snyder


'I've been praying for a revelation, but nothing happens!'




Revelation: What It Is and How It Is Received



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