Breath of the Spirit

“The channels of the sea appeared,
The foundations of the world were uncovered
At the rebuke of the Lord,
At the blast of the breath of His nostrils. – 2 Samuel 22:11-16

The Hebrew word for “His breath” is “blast” מִנִּשְׁמַ֖ת ר֥וּחַ אַפּֽוֹ more literally, “from the breath of the spirit of His nostril”.

David used a few different expression to talk about how God saved him from the hand of Saul.  This one captured my attention more than the others because this one had a more personal expression to it.

David felt that God Himself, expressed His love and favour to David so much that He not only showed up in power, but He expressed His displeasure for anyone who did not love David.

I think David knew he had the Spirit of God upon me that came through his first anointing with Samuel, and this was his way of sharing that he knew that whoever was on his side were on God’s side.

Some people think of angels all around them, others think of lightning, I like David’s expression – watch out for the blast of the breath of the Spirit of God.



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