Spiritual development

In return for my love, they attack me,
But I am in prayer. – Psalm 109:4

For my love they are my adversaries; that’s an ill requital; but how did David requite them? We may take his own word for it; he tells us how, “But I give myself unto prayer”; yea, he seemed a man wholly given unto prayer. The elegant conciseness of the Hebrew is, “But I prayer”; we supply it thus, “But I give myself unto prayer.” They are sinning against me, requiting my love with hatred, “But I give myself unto prayer.” But for whom did he pray? Doubtless he prayed and prayed much for himself; he prayed also for them. We may understand these words, “I give myself unto prayer”, two ways. First I pray against their plots and evil dealings with me (prayer was David’s best strength always against his enemies), yet that was not all. But, secondly, “I give myself unto prayer”, that the Lord would pardon their sin, and turn their hearts, when they are doing me mischief; or, though they have done me mischief, I am wishing them the best good. David (in another place) showed what a spirit of charity he was clothed with, when no reproof could hinder him from praying for others, Psalms 141:5 . –Joseph Caryl.

When you are neglected or snubbed or insulted, and you’re able to thank God for the experience, accepting it as allowed by Him for your spiritual development, that is victory. – Ray Steadman

Like David, there will be people in life that you love, show goodness to, and bless only to have them betray you. We must learn to follow David’s example of turning to prayer as the most productive place to regain our spiritual equilibrium.

At the end of the day, spiritual development comes when we decide to be people of prayer, to receive the gift of God’s love to be expressed so purposeful back to Him in prayer for others, to be thankful for His grace which we  purposefully give back in prayer for others. We will find ourselves less on mountain tops and less in valleys because we are who we are because we spend time with God in prayer and our foundation is not built on how we feel but in whom He is in us.



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