Counsel of God’s Spirit

Nevertheless I am continually with You;
You have taken hold of my right hand. 
You will guide me with Your counsel,
And afterward receive me to honor and glory.Whom have I in heaven [but You]? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth. – Psalm 73:23-25

We must ascribe our safety in temptation, and our victory, not to our own wisdom, but to the gracious presence of God with us, and Christ’s intercession for us. All who commit themselves to God, shall be guided with the counsel both of his word and of his Spirit, the best counsellors here, and shall be received to his glory in another world; the believing hopes and prospects of which will reconcile us to all dark providences. And the psalmist was hereby quickened to cleave the closer to God. Heaven itself could not make us happy without the presence and love of our God. The world and all its glory vanishes. – Matthew Henry

Roger Hazelton, a professor at Oberlin Seminary, used to remind his students that God has a “controlling interest in the course of our living from day-to-day, an interest on which we can rely and with which we may in some real measure coöperate.” Divine counsel is readily available to us in Scripture and by God’s Spirit, and to follow it is to invest our conditioned freedom wisely in God’s will. The counsel helps us to anticipate life and meet it with wisdom. – James Earl Massey

God is guiding me. How can a guide receive me? Have you never read in the New Testament that He shall present us unto Himself? That is just what He is doing. God in the Trinity of His persons is guiding me by the Holy Spirit along that blessed way consecrated by the Lord Jesus; and Jesus is going to pass me over unto the Father, a redeemed soul, and this glorious God will receive me! He will receive me into glory at the hands of His own dear Son.

The Psalmist had been, to some extent, finding fault with the Providence of God. There had been, in his mind, a quarrel with God’s proceedings. He saw the wicked in great power, having all their wishes and desires gratified in every way, while he, himself, was sorely plagued and chastened, and he could not quite understand it. But now, even though he does not comprehend it, he yields to God’s superior judgment, he lays aside his own logic and arguments and he says, “No, Lord, I will no longer be a debater, but You shall guide me. I will no longer look for present joy, I will look to that which is to come afterward. You shall guide me with Your counsel, and afterward shall come my brilliant days, my times of joy—afterward You will receive me to Glory.” You see that after drifting about for a while, the Psalmist has come to a good anchorage. He has found a resting place, as the birds do, when, after wandering away, they fly back to their nest and he sings, “Return unto your rest, O my Soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.” Sitting down once more at the feet of his Lord, he looks up into those dear, tender, loving, watchful eyes and he says, “You shall guide me with Your counsel, and afterward receive me to Glory. My discussions are all over now. My questions are at an end. I will rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him, and my soul shall be content with His will, whatever it is.” I pray that what the Holy Spirit may lead me to say upon my text may have an effect something like that upon any tempest-tossed spirits here. May they also be brought to rest in the Lord! – Spurgeon

counsel of God's Spirit

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