Spirit of thanks and praise

We give thanks and praise to You, O God, we give thanks,
For Your [wonderful works declare that Your] [a]name is near;
People declare Your wonders. – Psalm 75:1

 How does it come about that we can give thank and praise to God?  Do you think its easy?  How do you even know the wonderful works that God has done in your life – do you even see them?  How has He planted His name in the very avenue of your life that would suggest that you are a follower of Christ?  How do those around you – neighbours, office workers, family – how do they declare the wonders of God when they talk about you when you are not around?

This week has been an incredible week of devotions.  Absolutely, incredibly and magnificently the Word of God has been opened to me to see that the Holy Spirit, the unseen, invisible hand of God, has guided me, blessed me, kept me, taught me, counselled me and continues to make me into a follower of Jesus.  He has put praise and thanks on my lips – He calls me each morning to praise and worship and thank because that is what He does.  His sole purpose in my life is to make sure my life glorifies God.  What an amazing task with so little success and with such an ungrateful group of followers.

God, Your name is near.  I feel you in my heart, I hear your voice, I feel your hand holding me.  How is it that I can turn away at a moment’s temptation, lots of moments where I think I need a break, moments where I am more important than You are.  Forgive me.

Revive me each and every morning.  May my lips praise and thank you not only because of the Spirit calling me to do so, but may I prompt the Spirit to join my morning and to remind me of the hand of God in my life yesterday so that I may keep my eyes open today to see His hand interact with my life today. I want to praise you as soon as possible for the wonderful works you are doing all around me, in me and through me as I see them happen.




  1. chariotoflove · May 19, 2016

    I connected with your spirit as you cried out to the Almighty! Blessed be His Holy Name for He is worth to be Praised!

    Liked by 1 person

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