Spiritual bride

I am my beloved’s,
And his desire is for me. – Song of Solomon 7:10

If we can appeal to him (Christ), Thou knowest all things, thou knowest that I love thee; if his Spirit witness with our spirit, that our souls prosper, it is enough. And we must beg of him to search and try us, to discover us to ourselves. The fruits and exercises of graces are pleasant to the Lord Jesus. These must be laid up, and always ready; that by our bringing forth much fruit, he may be glorified. It is all from him, therefore it is fit it should be all for him. – Matthew Henry

The thought seems to be this – As my beloved is full of worshipping affection, and I am wholly his, let his love have free course, and let us retire together away from all the distractions and artificiality of the town life to the simplicity and congenial enjoyments of the country, which are so much more to my taste. The more real and fervent the religious emotions of the soul and the spiritual life of the Church, the more natural and simple will be their expression. We do not require any profuse ceremonies, any extravagant decorations, any complicated and costly religions services, in order to draw forth in the Christian Church the highest realization of the Saviour’s fellowship. We want the Christianity we profess to take possession of us, body and soul. And so it will be as Christians learn more of Christ. – Pulpit Commentary

The Church is submissive to Jesus Christ, and is entirely actuated by the Spirit. (Calmet) — She takes the words, as it were out of His mouth, (ver. 9.) and answers, worthy, &c., acknowledging that all the praise belongs to Him. – George Haydock

Nowhere is the mutual love of Christ and His church more intimately shown than in the beautiful love poem of the Song of Solomon. The term “beloved” is used no less than thirty-three times in this short book. Here we see both the tenderness and the passions of a full-blown love relationship. In vivid imagery we trace a picture of the ever-deepening love of Jesus and His spiritual bride.


Warrior Bride – A Four Part Study on Spiritual Authority




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