With God’s Spirit

What advantage does man have from all his work
Which he does under the sun (while earthbound)? – Ecclesiastes 1:3

Ecclesiastes expresses the view of the natural man whose interests are focused on vanishing pleasures and empty satisfactions. The natural man is not aware that all the answers to life are found in God. The natural man grovels in the earth and seeks and finds that which is futile and temporary while the spiritual man soars on wings of eagles and seeks and finds righteousness and God’s incomparable and everlasting blessings and companionship. – Amplified Version Study Notes

This book, given by divine inspiration, is a record of the bitter disappointment that awaits people whose faith soars no higher than the sun. – Paul Van Gorder

With God’s Spirit, a person can have a greater sense of contentment. But even in that, it takes a great deal of maturity before one comes to the place where they can truly be content. Paul said he had learned to be content with what he had; he had learned to be content with life. It did not come naturally. The growth in the Spirit of God is what brought him to the place where he was content.

People today spend a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual energy trying to control their schedules, jobs and relationships. We assume that the solution to our lack of control is to find new systems, new rules, new methods, new “laws” for doing things. We think that if only we have the right systems, we can control the chaos.

In a life lived without God, there’s no gain, no advantage, no meaning.

“No man can live without delight, and that is why a man deprived of spiritual joy goes over to carnal pleasures.” – Thomas Aquinas


Bible verses about Alignment with God’s Spirit



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