Spiritual salvation

Then Naaman returned to the man of God, he and all the people in his group, and stood before him. He said, “Behold, I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel…” –  2 Kings 5:15

The healing of Naaman, the Leper is not just a story of the healing of a man from one of the most dreaded diseases of ancient times, but it is a story of salvation, one which illustrates the spiritual salvation man finds only in Jesus Christ and how men come to find that salvation in Christ. In Naaman’s healing are a variety of people who play different parts; some good and vital to the salvation and healing of Naaman and others not so good. All illustrate the various good and evil persuasions of people who either aid or hinder bringing men to Christ. – J. Hampton Keathley

Actually, this well-known story is a masterpiece of narrative power. A number of persons are portrayed here in a way that is sharper and clearer than in the most fascinating novel. That is not amazing since it is the Word of God, which is living and powerful. Let us first introduce the principal persons: (1) Naaman, commander of the Syrian army: a very esteemed and loved man, in the eyes of both his master and his servants. Yet he had an unsolvable problem: he was a leper. (2) A young girl from the land of Israel. She lived as an exile in a foreign country, but remained faithful to the God of Israel. She had a great faith and she loved her enemies. This young girl remains anonymous, but she is quite remarkable because of her spiritual qualities. (3) The king of Israel. His name is not mentioned either, but we suppose it was Jehoram, the son of the wicked Ahab. He was characterised by unbelief, despair, and suspicion. (4) The prophet Elisha, the spokesman of the living God. He is the central character in this chapter and is noted for his simplicity and decisiveness towards both the earthly rulers and his own servant Gehazi. (5) Gehazi, the servant of the prophet. He stands here in sharp contrast to his master because of his greed, ignorance, and worldliness. The deepest stirrings of his heart are laid bare, just as later a Judas was to be exposed by the Lord Himself. The chapter finishes as it begins: with a leper! Naaman’s leprosy would cling for ever to Gehazi and his descendants.

The bible mentioned clearly that new flesh started to cover him. Not only Naaman, his army and servants who had been with him for years were shocked beyond belief. There was no denying that Yahweh was indeed Almighty and powerful. He and all his soldiers accompanying him were amazed then the realization slowly hit him that the God of Israel is truly a mighty God. He wanted to worship Yahweh every day so he asked Elisha that he be given as much earth a pair of mules could carry, maybe he believed that the earth he was taking would sanctify the place when he worshipped in his own country. This came from the mouth of a Gentile who worshipped idols throughout his life. This wonderful proclamation and confession was through the servant girl from Samaria. Naaman life was transformed completely, not only his physical and mental wellness but spiritually too he found peace in accepting Yahweh as his personal saviour. This is called the true conversion from heart.


Elisha, Naaman & the offence of the cross



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