The Spirit that puts on

Then the Spirit of God came over Zechariah the son of Jehoiada the priest, and he stood above the people and said to them, “This is what God has said: ‘Why do you transgress the commandments of the Lord so that you cannot prosper? Because you have abandoned (turned away from) the Lord, He has also abandoned (turned away from) you.’” So they conspired against Zechariah and stoned him [to death] at the command of the king, in the courtyard of the house of the Lord. Thus Joash the king did not remember the kindness which Jehoiada, Zechariah’s father, had shown him, but he murdered his son. And when Zechariah was dying, he said, “May the Lord see this and require an accounting!” – 2 Chronicles 24:20-22

Zechariah, the son of Jehoiada, being filled with the Spirit of prophecy, stood up, and told the people of their sin. This is the work of ministers, by the word of God, as a lamp and a light, to discover the sin of men, and expound the providences of God. They stoned Zechariah to death in the court of the house of the Lord. Observe the dying martyr’s words: The Lord look upon it, and require it! This came not from a spirit of revenge, but a spirit of prophecy. – Matthew Henry

Those of the elect that chose to follow the will and way of the Lord will be delivered up to speak. And when you are delivered up, have the faith to know that the Holy Spirit of God will be there to place the words in your mouth and mind that should be spoken. Don’t even think about it now, for there is nothing that you can do to prepare yourself for that time of meeting those supernatural powers of Satan.

Three times in the Old Testament, God’s Spirit is used with labash.

  • Judges 6:34 “The Lord’s spirit took control of Gideon. He blew a trumpet, summoning the Abiezrites to follow him.” (ורוח יהוה לבשה את גדעון)
  • 1 Chronicles 12:18 “But a spirit empowered Amasai, the leader of the thirty warriors, and he said:…” (ורוח לבשה את עמשׁי)
  • 2 Chronicles 24:20 “God’s Spirit energized Zechariah son of Jehoiada the priest.” (ורוח אלהים לבשה את זכריה בן יהוידע הכהן)

In all of these verse, the Spirit is the subject with an active verb and a person receiving the action (the ‘eth particle in Hebrew marks the direct object). That means that it is the Spirit that puts on the While some translations use “the Spirit clothed Gideon/Amasai/Zechariah,” that leads to meaning contrary to what the Hebrew pictures. The imagery there sounds as if the Spirit of God is laying on the recipient like a cloak. However, in all of these verses, it is the Spirit that puts on the person. That is, the Spirit wears the person like a glove or cloak. If the Spirit were acting as the clothes, different Hebrew grammar would have been used. The phrase would have used Gideon as the subject and marked “Spirit of the Lord” with the ‘eth. – Bible Hermeneutics

Why did God “put a lying spirit” into the (false) prophets?



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  1. joseph elon lillie · June 18, 2016

    Really interesting concept. It is echoed it seems to me in the the idea that we are temples of the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit dwells in us.


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