Agency of the Holy Spirit

And the Spirit of the Lord will rest on Him—
The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and strength,
The Spirit of knowledge and of the [reverential and obedient] fear of the Lord— Isaiah 11:2

And the Spirit of the Lord

The Holy Ghost, by which he was anointed, (Acts 10:38,) and by whose power his human nature was formed in the womb of the virgin, (Luke 1:35,) will rest upon him— Will not only come upon him at certain times, as it came upon the prophets, but will have its constant and settled abode in him; the spirit of wisdom and understanding — It is not needful exactly to distinguish these two gifts; it is sufficient that they are necessary qualifications for a governor and a teacher, and it is evident they signify perfect knowledge of all things necessary for his own and people’s good, and a sound judgment to distinguish between things that differ; the spirit of counsel and strength — Of prudence, to give good counsel; and of strength and courage, to execute it; the spirit of knowledge — Of the perfect knowledge of the whole will and counsel of God, as also of all secret things, yea, of the hearts of men; fear of the Lord — A fear of reverence, a care to please him, and aversion to offend him. Benson Commentary

The Spirit of Yahweh. Chaldee, ‹And there shall rest upon him the spirit of prophecy from before Yahweh.‘ In the previous verse, the prophet had announced his origin and his birth. In this, he proceeds to describe his extraordinary endowments, as eminently holy, pure, and wise. There can be no doubt that reference is here had to the Holy Spirit, the third person of the sacred Trinity, as descending upon him in the fullness of his influences, and producing in him perfect wisdom, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord. The Spirit of Yahweh shall rest upon him – a Spirit producing wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, etc. All these are lit the Scriptures traced to the agency of the Holy Spirit; see 1 Corinthians 12:8-11. The meaning here is, that the Messiah should be endowed with these eminent prophetic gifts and qualifications for his ministry by the agency of the Holy Spirit. It was by that Spirit that the prophets had been inspired (see 2 Peter 1:21; 2 Timothy 3:16); and as the Messiah was to be a prophet Deuteronomy 18:15, Deuteronomy 18:18, there was a fitness that he should be endowed in the same manner. If it be asked how one, who was divine in his own nature, could be thus endowed by the aid of the Spirit, the answer is, that he was also to be a man descended from the honored line of David, and that as a man he might be furnished for his work by the agency of the Holy Spirit. His human nature was kept pure; his mind was made eminently wise; his heart always retained the fear and love of God, and there is no absurdity in supposing that these extraordinary endowments were to be traced to God. That he was thus under the influence of the Holy Spirit, is abundantly taught in the New Testament. Thus, in Matthew 3:16, the Holy Spirit is represented as descending on him at his baptism, In John 3:34, it is said, ‹For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God, for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto him;‘ compare Colossians 1:19.

Shall rest upon him – That is, shall descend on him, and remain with him. It shall not merely come upon him, but shall attend him permanently; compare Numbers 11:25-26.  Albert Barnes


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  1. Eric · June 24, 2016

    And we have this same endowment, of various measures as He will portion it out as He deems fit. But the point is that we have the power as well. The question for me is….how do I engage this power?

    Liked by 1 person

    • evanlaar1922 · June 24, 2016

      ahhh – great question – how did everyone else in the Bible get it?


    • evanlaar1922 · June 24, 2016

      Sorry, maybe I should ask – when you study the Bible stories, what was everyone else doing when they received this power?


      • Eric · June 25, 2016

        As far as I can remember they were praying.

        Liked by 1 person

      • evanlaar1922 · June 25, 2016

        Yep – praying and waiting and the creativeness of God is so apparent that it seems that those who received this power from God received it in so many different ways you know there is no system in this — common though, pray and wait and the Holy Spirit will move in you, challenge you, change you and then one day, when you need Him to do what He has called you to do – He will fill you!


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