Spiritual teachings

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
But the glory of kings is to search out a matter. – Proverbs 25:2

No genuine spirit of trust can spring up in ignorance. In God’s dealings with us, profound silence and ringing oracle, the hidden and the revealed, the mystery and the defined truth, alway alternate with each other. It is “the glory of God to conceal a thing,” because by the very shadows in which He hides it we are cast with a more pathetic dependence upon His sympathy and care, and come into truer and more childlike contact with His spirit. God conceals many things, so that He may protect us from needless pain and fear, and magnify His own gentleness. Many a thing must be hidden from a child, and the more sensitive he is, the stricter must be the concealment. God conceals some things from us to excite us to nobler and more strenuous endeavour in our search after the truth. There are truths that we shall come to know through our own thought and struggle, and deepening spirituality of life, temporary mysteries that it is best for us to know through conflict, experience, sustained contemplation. God hides many things from the world, so that He may have secrets with the custody of which He can honour His own chosen servants. And He conceals some things from us, so that He may impress us with the solemnities of the unknown. God never conceals what may be necessary to furnish His people for the work and service of life. Let the revelation inspire your faith, and let the mystery awaken your awe. – Thomas G. Selby

When God wrote the Bible and completed it in 95 A.D with the book of Revelation, He wrote it in such a way that it would need two things to begin to unravel its teachings. First, a person must be born again so they may be indwelled by the Holy Spirit so He may illuminate passages of Scripture for our understanding. Secondly, it requires much time to be dedicated to the study of the Bible. There are some passages which are not that difficult to interpret and there are many that are. Sometimes we may gain truth from one or two passages and sometimes we must search out many passages to learn the meaning of one passage or one teaching. God conceals truth in the Scriptures because He wants only His children to understand it. Whenever you hear an unbeliever expound the Scriptures, it is always from a very superficial point of view. The deeper spiritual teachings are not present because they do not have the Holy Spirit.

God has hidden so much for us to find. It’s not just spiritual matters, either. God has hidden all the secrets of nature for us to discover.

There are things that we stumble upon in the spirit. There are those that we seek and then there are those things that are unsearchable and only God can get us to them. It means that there are things that are concealed of God entirely for the purposes of being sought out.



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