My spirit within me seeks

The way of the righteous [those in right-standing with God—living in moral and spiritual integrity] is smooth and level;
O Upright One, make a level path for the just and righteous. 
Indeed, in the path of Your judgments, O Lord,
We have waited expectantly for You;
Your name, even Your memory, is the desire and deep longing of our souls. 
In the night my soul longs for You [O Lord],
Indeed, my spirit within me seeks You diligently;
For [only] when Your judgments are experienced on the earth
Will the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness. – Isaiah 26:7-9

The judgments of God:

1. The judgments of God ought to drive the open transgressor of God’s law from his sins and criminal indulgences.

2. The judgments of God ought to stimulate every individual, who is destitute of personal religion, to attend to his spiritual interests without a moment’s delay. Religion is a personal concern, and essential to extensive usefulness and real happiness.

3. The judgments of God ought to excite in every Christian more of the spirit and exercise of prayer both for himself and others. (Alex. Harvey.)

A lot of believers today are asleep, spiritually speaking. Maybe you and I are, too. I mean, how do you really know you’ve been sleeping until something startles you awake? It’s only upon awakening that you realize, “Wow, I must have dosed off.” It’s far too easy for Christians to fall into a numbing slumber these days, even in the wake of the many crises happening around the world. – Lynn DeShazo

Divine love is always reciprocal. In due time, God sheds abroad His love in the hearts of those whom He has loved from everlasting — so that they in return love Him. As another has said, “When love has descended from Heaven to earth, it has finished half its course; but when it ascends from earth to Heaven again, then the circle is completed.” Our love to Him is but a small stream that flows from and runs back to the ocean of God’s love. This love is not of natural kindling, but from the supernatural operation of the Holy Spirit. Then the understanding is made to perceive, the judgment to esteem, the will to choose, and the whole soul to delight in God. The renewed person now sees there to be nothing in Heaven or earth, to be desired in comparison with Him. – Arthur Pink


my spirit within me seeks

My Spirit Within Me Seeks You Diligently


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