Spiritual offspring

Yet the Lord was [d]willing
To crush Him, [e]causing Him to suffer;
If [f]He would give Himself as a guilt offering [an atonement for sin],
He shall see His [spiritual] offspring,
He shall prolong His days,
And the will (good pleasure) of the Lord shall succeed and prosper in His hand. – Isaiah 53:10

The main thought, however, is that the Servant is to be the instrument in establishing the true religion, by removing the burden of guilt and bringing many to righteousness. As the reward of his sufferings he will enjoy a brilliant future and have a numerous spiritual offspring. He will become a great power in the world, attaining a position like that of a mighty conqueror. The idea of a resurrection from the dead appears to be necessarily implied. If the Servant be a personification of Israel, this is merely a figure for national restoration from exile; but if he be an individual, then his resurrection must be accepted as a literal fact, just as his death must be literally understood. – Cambridge Bible

Here every word hath its weight, and it is very sure that the apostles and evangelists, in describing the mysteries of our salvation, have great respect as to this whole chapter of Isaiah, so especially to these three last verses. And it must needs be that the prophet, when he wrote these things, was indued with a very great Spirit; because herein he so clearly setteth forth the Lord Christ in his twofold estate of humiliation and of exaltation, that whereas other oracles of the Old Testament borrow light from the New, this chapter lendeth light to the New in several places. – John Trapp

It is no mistake that the main purpose of Holy Communion is to remember Christ. Some have drifted off in seeing a spiritual blessing in the elements themselves. This perhaps occurs because there is no real value seen in the suffering Christ. They focus more on the blessing of what they do rather than simply remembering to connect their  hearts to the cross of Christ. We do well by remembering Christ rather than putting extra effort in the liturgy surrounding the Lord’s table. – Paul Bucknell

I believe that whenever our religion is most vital, it is most full of Christ . . . I can bear witness that whenever I am in deeps of sorrow, nothing will do for me but “Jesus only.” I retreat to the innermost citadel of our holy faith, namely, to the very heart of Christ, when my spirit is assailed by temptation, or besieged with sorrow and anguish. What is more, my witness is that whenever I have high spiritual enjoyments, enjoyments rich, rare, celestial, they are always connected with Jesus only, other religious things may give some kind of joy, and joy that is healthy too, but the sublimest, the most inebriating, the most divine of all joys, must be found in Jesus only . . . I find if I want to labor much, I must live on Jesus only; if I desire to suffer patiently, I must feed on Jesus only; if I wish to wrestle with God successfully, I must plead Jesus only; if I aspire to conquer sin, I must use the blood of Jesus only; if I pant to learn the mysteries of heaven, I must seek the teachings of Jesus only. I believe that anything which we add to Christ lowers our position, and that the more elevated our soul becomes, the more nearly like what it is to be when it shall enter into the region of the perfect, the more completely every thing else will sink, die out, and Jesus, Jesus, Jesus only, will be first and last, and midst and without end, the Alpha and Omega of every thought of head and pulse of heart. May it be so with every Christian. – Spurgeon


“I Will Pour Out My Spirit Upon Your Offspring”




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