Influence of the Holy Spirit

[Jeremiah said,] O Lord, You have persuaded me and I was deceived;
You are stronger than I and You have prevailed.
I am a laughingstock all day long;
Everyone mocks me. – Jeremiah 20:7

The prophet complains of the insult and injury he experienced. But ver. 7 may be read, Thou hast persuaded me, and I was persuaded. Thou wast stronger than I; and didst overpower me by the influence of thy Spirit upon me. So long as we see ourselves in the way of God, and of duty, it is weakness and folly, when we meet with difficulties and discouragements, to wish we had never set out in it. The prophet found the grace of God mighty in him to keep him to his business, notwithstanding the temptation he was in to throw it up. Whatever injuries are done to us, we must leave them to that God to whom vengeance belongs, and who has said, I will repay. So full was he of the comfort of God’s presence, the Divine protection he was under, and the Divine promise he had to depend upon, that he stirred up himself and others to give God the glory. Let the people of God open their cause before Him, and he will enable them to see deliverance. – Matthew Henry

Dr. Kyle M. Yates (1895-1975) former pastor of Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, explains, “Jeremiah’s early training in the priestly village of Anathoth had much to do with his personality and career.”[6] Dr. Yates continues, “The call to prophetic service made a profound impression on the boy from Anathoth. Suddenly he realized that God had been counting on him for a big task from the very moment of his birth. No man ever gets away from such a discovery. He was weak, timid and shy but he was prepared to hear God’s voice. He was listening when the divine voice came to him. He was already acquainted with world problems and understood how difficult it would be to get men to respond to a spiritual challenge. His reverence in the presence of Yahweh is exceptionally commendable. God said to him: I knew thee, I formed thee, I sanctified thee, I appointed thee. God takes full responsibility for the choice, the career and the victory that is to attend his efforts.”


Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Old Testament Promise



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