Testimony is the Holy Spirit

 Jesus began to say, as He taught in [a portico or court of] the temple, [a]How can the scribes say that the Christ is the son of David? David himself said [when inspired] by the Holy Spirit,

The Lord (the Father) said to my Lord (the Son, the Messiah),
Sit at My right hand,
Until I put Your enemies under Your feet.”’

 David himself calls Him (the Son, the Messiah) ‘Lord’; so how can it be that He is [b]David’s Son?” The large crowd enjoyed hearing Jesus and listened to Him with delight. – Mark 12:35-37

When David wrote Scripture, he didn’t just write whatever he thought or felt. David clearly spoke these Scriptures by the power the Holy Spirit and under His direction.

Psalm speaks to the greatness of the Messiah — the greatness of Jesus! He is Lord. Lord of the nations. Lord of all. Lord of even David. He will rule. He will triumph. And the power of this testimony is the Holy Spirit. The Spirit gave this testimony about Jesus being Lord through King David a thousand years before Jesus came. When the Holy Spirit is present, Jesus is praised and his identity is proclaimed and this has been true for centuries! – Phil Ware

Biblical inspiration may be defined as God’s superintending of the human authors so that, using their own individual personalities (and even their writing styles), they composed and recorded without error His revelation to people in the words of the original autographs. Inspiration means that “the Holy Spirit of God superintended the human writers in the production of Scripture so that what they wrote was precisely what God wanted written.”


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