Spirit of prophecy

 Now much time had been lost, and [b]navigation was dangerous, because even [the time for] the fast (Day of Atonement) was already over, so Paul began to strongly warn them,  saying, “Men, I sense [after careful thought and observation] that this voyage will certainly be a disaster and with great loss, not only of the cargo and the ship, but also of our lives.”  However, the centurion [Julius, ranking officer on board] was persuaded by the pilot and the owner of the ship rather than by what Paul said.  Because the harbor was not well situated for wintering, the majority [of the sailors] decided to put to sea from there, hoping somehow to reach Phoenix, a harbor of Crete facing southwest and northwest, and spend the winter there. – Acts 27:9-12

Paul could “not only by the tempestuous weather which they had met with, and still continued, and which they must expect to have, if they continued on their voyage; but by a spirit of prophecy, which he was endued with, by which he foresaw, and so foretold” – John Gill

How could Paul expect God to bless this trip and his stay in Rome if he did it in the flesh? It had to be God’s work and it had to be God’s way. Otherwise he could not expect God to provide. Furthermore if the apostle had prayed for the Lord to work it all out and then went about to make his own plans it would grieve the Holy Spirit. – John Shriver

The Authority and Nature of the Gift of Prophecy



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